Tired of running around, trying to buy school supplies right before school starts? Well now you don’t have to. It’s as easy as ordering online through Educational Products Inc. Order online, and your student’s whole set of supplies will be packaged and delivered to Croft before school starts on Aug. 28.

To order your student’s grade-level specific 2017-18 supply pack:

  1. Go to  https://www.educationalproducts.com/ShopPacks/ .
  2. Enter Croft ‘s ID number, which is  CRO200 , and then click Enter.
  3. Select your student’s grade level, and then click Add To Cart.
  4. Enter your student’s first and last name, click Check Out Now, and you’ll be redirected to a billing page, on which you can enter payment info.

You can order school supply packs through July 15 AUGUST 1, and they’ll be delivered to Croft, in a sealed package, before school starts. Questions? Contact Becky Burns at  bburns1175@yahoo.com . ​