So, you want to be a pirate, ehhhh? Well, perhaps you should have stopped by the amazing pirate production that was performed by our Croft students. Pirates the musical was a sword fighting, swash buckling adventure!

From the singing, to the different pirates and let’s not forget one incredible stowaway. The stowaway was trying to prove that she could be a good pirate, but no none quite believed her. When the captain of the High Seas got laryngitis, the singing competition was in jeopardy.

No need to fear because out of blue, the most beautiful voice that had ever been heard filled the room. It was the stowaway!!!! Who knew?? Her singing voice was a hit and she won the singing contest for the pirates!! Alas, the stowaway became a pirate. She had proven herself to all the pirates when she shared her beautiful gift.

If you missed this event, hopefully you got to relive a little bit of the excitement through this write-up! ARGH–

By Annelise, Mrs. Johnson’s 5th grade class