Croft administration and school leaders are very excited to share some of the initiatives implemented to help our students be successful in every way. It is also part of Croft’s School Improvement Plan. The elements of this initiative are PBIS, Colts Code and a stable (house) system.

PBIS: How Schools Can Support Positive Behavior

At a Glance

  • Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is a way for schools to encourage good behavior.
  • Behaviors are prerequisites for academics.
  • With PBIS, kids learn behavior, just as they learn other subjects like math or science.Students learn appropriate behavior in the same way a child who doesn’t know how to read learns to read—through instruction, practice, feedback, and encouragement.
  • The key to PBIS is prevention, not punishment.

The Principles of PBIS

Some schools have tried to be proactive and encourage good behavior through an approach called positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS).PBIS is an approach schools can use to improve school safety and promote positive behavior and a positive school climate.

PBIS has a few important principles:

  • Every child can learn proper behavior.
  • Stepping in early can prevent more serious behavior problems.
  • Each child is different and schools need to provide many kinds of behavior support.
  • PBIS is a framework for teachers, administrators and parents. It’s used with all students in the school.According to several studies, PBIS leads to better student behavior. In schools that use PBIS, students receive fewer detentions and suspensions. There’s less bullying. Students also have better grades.

At Croft, the schoolwide expectations encompass our Colts Code.These three statements serve as the basis for how we interact as a school community.These expectations are posted throughout our building.

Colts Code
I am responsible.
I am respectful.
I am safe.

Students who demonstrate these expectations are eligible to earn horseshoes as follows:

Blue Horseshoes – Given to individual students toward stable totals (winning stable celebrated each quarter), worth 1 point, Quarterly “Top Colts” (top boy and girl from each grade level), teachers CAN give to their own students

Green Horseshoes – Given to classrooms, worth 10 points, teachers CANNOT give to their own class but CAN give to other classes, classes can earn classroom incentives for each 100 points earned

Today we kicked off our stables, and students and staff showed their team spirit.Modeled after the Ron Clark Academy’s house system, Croft is implementing “stables” to build a positive climate and community within our school. Through our stables, we strive to foster an atmosphere where all stakeholders work together to create a family environment for our students. Students work to earn individual points for positive behaviors which go towards collective horseshoes for stable incentives. Our stables are listed below:

BASARI (Success) DUVERA (Confident)
SEVASMOS (Respect) VERITAS (Truth)
CUIDANDO (Caring) YUSHA (Brave)