Mrs. Morris became a principal because she was inspired by the principal that hired her as a teacher. Since she was working for such a great principal, she wanted to be just like her. We think she is off to a good start! Mrs. Morris would like students to know that having this role is hard work with long hours, but it’s well worth it!! Croft’s new principal says that, “A good principal has to be a good teacher first and know how to manage a class. It helps to know what it takes to manage a class before you manage a school.” Principal Morris also shared some of her plans for Croft’s future. These plans include her wanting to revamp clubs, so that K-2 students can participate in more ways.  Helping students grow academically by focusing on the needs of each individual student is a priority.  Wow, these are some mighty tasks!

As the principal of CCS, Mrs. Morris feels that her major role is to make the school successful overall. Some of the ways that she plans to accomplish this, is by working with students, parents, teachers, etc. She is not all work and no play though. As a person, Principal Morris would like students, staff and parents to know that she has a life outside of school. She is married with two sons named Tommy and Mattie that take up a lot of her time.  She also enjoys going to the beach and is a huge Disney FANTATIC!! You can read more about the additional Q and A’s we asked Mrs. Morris below:

Q: What is a fun fact about yourself?

A: One of my useless talents is learning all the words to a song quickly.

Q: What is the most difficult thing about being a principal?

A:  The most difficult thing is having to do so many things and juggle time.

Q: If you had to describe your experience at Croft in 5 words, what would they be?

A: Welcoming, Diverse, Positive, Educational and Croftastic!!!!

Q: What do you enjoy about being a principal?

A: I enjoy working with the students. I love my morning routine of saying Good Morning to students!

Meet the Interviewers

Taniyha Sanders (left) is a 5th grade student in Mrs. Johnson’s class.

Annelise Driessen (right) is a 5th grade student in Mrs. Johnson’s class.