A North Carolina law is set to take effect next school year that was intended to dramatically lower class sizes in grades K-3. However it does NOT provide funding for many of the possible impacts. Because most schools do not have “extra” classrooms, the impacts could include: Eliminating arts, music and other so-called “special” classes, increasing the class size of 4th & 5th grades by 50%, and/or placing more trailers where allowed. The NC Legislature passed a bill (HB-13) as a temporary reprieve from the new law, but it will take full effect for the 2018-19 school year unless revisited.

PLEASE TAKE 1 MINUTE TO CALL Senator Jeff Tarte (919-715-3050) and/or Senator Joel Ford (919-733-5955).

When you call, all you need to do is the following:

  • When the person answers, give your name and say that your children attend a school in his district.
  • Say not addressing the class size restrictions will potentially have a negative effect on our school district.
  • Say we need them to revisit HB-13 during the January session.
  • Tell the person thank you for listening to your concerns.

That’s it! If you get a voicemail machine, leave a message! All phone calls must be logged, so calls are the most effective way of having our voice heard!

Our timing is critical because the North Carolina General Assembly must act in the January session so that school districts, and our school, can make difficult budget decisions. If the NCGA waits to act past the January session, it will be too late.