Monday: Handmade Cards

Students bring in handmade cards to their teachers. The PTA will be delivering a sweet treat to all the staff members Monday morning.

Tuesday: Connect & Admin

Students write a letter, draw a picture and/or bring in a gift for our CONNECT staff: Ms. C (Art), Coach P (PE), Ms. LaSalle (Media), and Mr. Yem (Technology) as well as for our Principal Ms. Morris and our Assistant Principal Ms. Sims.

Wednesday: Staff Lunch

The PTA will provide lunch for all of the staff as they kick off professional development (Wednesday is an Early Release Day).

Thursday: Teacher Gifts

Students bring in two gifts: one for their teacher and the other for a teaching assistant or staff person who helps our school run smoothly (each class is assigned a staff member below). See below to explore teacher and staff favorites lists!

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Ms. Lindsey & Ms. Stitt

Ms. Pacheco & Ms. Azim

Ms. Ferguson & Mr. Simpson (TA)

Ms. Foskey & Ms. Matthews (TA)

Ms. Hagler & Ms. Wills (TA)

Ms. LaVergne &  Ms. Smith (Lunchroom)

Ms. Trippedo & Ms. Steed (Lunchroom)

1st Grade

Ms. Boyd & Ms. Arata (Speech)

Ms. Falkowski & Mr. Mangala (Custodian)

Ms. Pezet & Ms. Whittaker (Speech)

Ms. Wyvill & Ms. Carr (TA)

2nd Grade

Ms. Arnold & Ms. Young (Custodian)

Ms. Jackson & Ms. Jones (Custodian)

Ms. Jaeger & Ms. Latta (Cafeteria)

Ms. Wright & Ms. Spears (ASEP)

3rd Grade

Ms. Cassam & Ms. Fish (Counselor)

Ms. Gallant & Ms. Verner (TD)

Ms. Story & Ms. Huber (TA)

Ms. Walley & Mr. Jones (EC)

4th Grade

Ms. Baker & Ms. McDonald (Secretary)

Ms. Fisher & Ms. Thomas (Secretary)

Ms. Hogan & Ms. Jenkins (Literacy)

Mr. Holt & Ms. Rawls (Literacy)

5th Grade

Ms. Johnson & Ms. Hensler (EC)

Ms. Leonard & Mr. Stroud (EC)

Ms. Williams & Ms. Spina (EC)


Ms. Harris & Ms. Guatemala (EC)

Ms. Keene & Ms. Barkley (EC)

Ms. Weatherington & Ms. DeLice (EC)

Friday: Sweet Surprise

The PTA will be delivering a sweet treat.