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Afternoon Car Line Procedures

Students will be called outside using their same carpool numbers.

Cars and crosswalk pedestrians will each have turns to go, and staff members will motion when to go.

There will be two lines of cars pulling in front of the building. Staff members will direct cars into a line and motion to stop. Cars or vans not picking up a student in a line will exit when all cars are moving.

There will be colored tape marking the columns where students will wait for their car.

Please watch staff members carefully for hand signals and listen for whistle blasts:

  • One long blast means it is safe for students to go to their cars.
  • Two short blasts means all students have loaded and cars will move again.

If a student is not outside to meet their car, staff will direct their car to a reserved spot to wait. Staff members will locate the student (i.e. on the bus, in afterschool) and traffic lines will continue as directed).

Staff members will supervise students at all times: loading cars in both lines and reserved/waiting spots.

We ask that all cars follow the flow of traffic through the parking lot. Shortcuts are risky for everyone!