Savita Ferguson

Birthday: 3/15

Position: Kindergarten

Places to Eat: On the Border, Razzoos, Jersey Mikes, Chipotle, Viva Chicken

Gift Cards: Burlington, Ross, Bath & Body Works, Visa gift cards, Walmart

Scents: eucalyptus/spearmint tropical/fruity

Snack/Drink: coffee, water, Sprite Zero, Veggie Chips, Starbucks cold mocha drink, hot chips (any kind)

Dessert/Cookie: cheesecake (strawberry, turtle), carrot cake, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, macadamia nut cookies

Soup: tomato basil, lobster bisque (Harris Teeter)

Flowers: wild flowers, bright color roses

Color: purple / bright colors

Other Favorites or Special Requests: I love unique jewelry/accessories. I love trouser socks/funny socks. I love colored, flavored lip gloss 🙂

Awesome Gifts I Don’t Really Need More of: chocolate candies